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Young Adults Fellowship

What is Young Adults Fellowship?

Fellowshipping is a place where individuals gather and talk about ones interest. Fellowshipping within the young adults of Willesden Green Baptist Church means to come together and talk about God and how we can apply his Love in our lives. As young adults we aim to be real, open and have a close knit relationship with one another, that we may share Christ and what he represents. The young adults of Willesden Green Baptist Church consists of people aged from 18 to 30 year olds with no boundaries on sharing their thoughts, opinions and who they are. Amongst the young adults of Willesden Green Baptist Church we are multi cultural and bring various aspects to the table in which we can share situations and life experiences. As young adults, from different backgrounds, cultures and societies, brings a difference to the church and makes the young adults a melting pot. We strive on having a Jesus culture within the Church and the young adults with our individual uniqueness and cultures.

We would love to encourage and invite you all to our socials, bible studies and sunday services. See you there!