News 2020-09-24T13:46:08+01:00

The weekly programme set out below is suspended because of building works and Covid-19 until further notice.


Baptismal Classes, 7:30 by arrangement with Pastor Akin.  Contact him if you are interested in being baptised


Bible Study 7:30pm


Fellowship Group 1pm – 3pm – suspended until further notice

Youth Bible Study – 6:30pm – meets on “Zoom”

Young Adults – 7:30 – meets on “Zoom”


Senior Club – 1pm till 4pm – suspended until further notice

Prayer Meeting –  7:30pm – suspended until further notice


Open House (now at Cricklewood Baptist Church) – 7.30pm every two weeks. (Contact Okiki for more details)

Youth Band Practice 6:30pm-8pm (Contact Jordan Ale for more details) – suspended until further notice


Men’s Fellowship Meeting – 11am (1st and 3rd Saturday of the month) – suspended until further notice

Football Academy at Newman Catholic College at 9.30am – suspended until after the October half term.  More information coming soon

Evangelism and Outreach: Contact Viv on 07590 474526 for more details

If you want more information or want to participate in any of the above, please contact us on our new telephone number: 020 8451 4951 or e-mail